Planning Ahead

Living a low-waste lifestyle means getting serious about saying no to single-use. Life happens fast, though, and we can't always plan ahead. Sometimes, doing your best means faithfully carrying an empty mason jar for a spontaneous coffee and a canvas bag to bring home some snacks after work. Make zero-waste easy on yourself! You know what they say: if you carry around bamboo utensils and tupperware, you don't have to get ready!



Composting your food, coffee and other waste is important because it helps to replenish some of the resources used to create those products in the first place. There are several options for storing food waste and at-home composting, but you can always find a neighbor or local garden who might be happy to take care of composting for you.



Recycling, as opposed to sending your trash to a landfill, helps to repurpose goods and prevent further production from scratch of those goods. But many recycled goods end up going to landfill because they are disposed of improperly. All recycled products must be clean and dry. Sometimes, one bad recyclable can spoil everything with it, so it is important to read your township's recycling policies and make sure you're doing it right! 

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