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Jars du Jour  (/də ˈʒʊr/): Jars of the day

Jars du Jour was inspired by Geneva, Switzerland, a French-speaking canton. Steps from my residence during a short study abroad experience was an organic grocery store that housed a dispenser for laundry detergent. Never before had the thought occurred to me that one could buy laundry detergent sans the plastic container. The store was not entirely zero-waste, but it offered dispensable pasta and nuts galore among other zero-waste options. That day, I knew I wanted to bring this home. 

In 2019, Jars du Jour began providing affordable organic foods that offer flexibility in storage and affordability. A tremendous team including myself and three bold and intelligent interns is working to identify local sustainably-minded vendors and to build carbon-neutral partnerships in order to make Jars du Jour a permanent community resource.


For now, we accept individual orders which we package in endlessly-recyclable glass jars (find out more under our Shop page), so you can stock up on your Jars and support our zero-waste mission. The planet will thank you (your bank account, too). We also accept clean and used glass jar donations to be kept at the future location for customers to use while adjusting to the "Bring Your Own" lifestyle.

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Cailynn M. Chase, Founder

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